Water Heater Infinity 24

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Product Specification (Code: 65)


Ideally suited for heavy demands where a continuous hot water supply is needed. Suitable for providing hot water to sinks and dishwashers.


55C Water Output temperature :

13 lt per minute instant hot water

Number of dishwashers heater can service at any one time is

2x Rack Dishwasher (115 basket)

4x Hood Dishwasher ( 55 basket)


365(w) x 175(d) x 720(h) mm

Including stand: 450(w) x 620(d) x 1740(h) mm


Propane or Natural gas model:

Min 6.6kW (22,519 BTUs)

Max 53kW (180,836 BTUs)

22mm (3/4" BSP) gas inlet

13 amp plug, single phase

3 amps, 0.7kW


Water inlet: 22mm (3/4"BSP)

Water pressure(minimum): 1.5bar

Water outlet: 22mm (3/4" BSP) ( for drain down)


Continuous supply of hot water. Low energy costs. For outdoor use only.

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