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Advice on the pitfalls of building your own Temporary Kitchen

Date: 12-NOV-08
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Advice on the Pitfalls of Building your Own

Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy a second hand container and put my own kit in it?

On the face of it, this might seem like a simple way to save money, but there are some very valid reasons why it makes more sense to hire from a specialist company like Container Kitchen Systems.

It’s not that simple……

Firstly, to build or fit-out your own unit you will need to have an in-depth knowledge of all the regulations in relation to portable buildings and kitchen design and installation, not to mention gas, water and electrical regulations, kitchen hygiene, health and safety, etc.

You will need to have time, ability and resources.

The container itself is not a ‘standard’ build and ideally needs to provide at least a half hour fire-rating – so you are bound to encounter problems if you use a second-hand standard container. In addition, it is desirable to have a fire suppression system integral to the design.

Floor-loadings will be likely to need upgrading to accommodate the weight of commercial catering equipment (point loads) and, structurally the whole design of the unit will be affected, as it has to be able to be lifted/craned when full of heavy equipment.

Internal finishes/surfaces will also need to be checked / reviewed, and where necessary upgraded to an acceptable catering specification - food-safe, wipe clean walls and ceilings, catering non-slip flooring, etc.

Standard commercial ventilation systems are unlikely to be suitable for fitting into a second-hand container – so you are going to have to have one specially made and it will need to be a ‘supply air/extract’ type, suitable for use with a gas safety interlock.

You are also going to have to get round the problems of supporting this canopy in a unit that probably has no suitable existing fixings and may not have sufficient headroom.

Electrical services will inevitably need to be upgraded and gas, water and waste services introduced.

Due consideration will need to be given to hygiene measures, provision of fly screens and vermin protection.

You will also need to develop a system for securing equipment in transit.

These considerations are just the tip of the iceberg…. and you haven’t even bought any equipment yet … and what will you do when it all breaks down?

So think twice before you reject the idea of hiring from Container Kitchen Systems. Hiring is both cash-flow and tax-efficient, and all our equipment comes with a full breakdown warranty throughout the period of usage, be it for a weekend, or for several years.

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