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Container Kitchen Systems offer temporary kitchens in the case of UFO strikes

Date: 21-MAY-09
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Waiter, waiter – there's a UFO in my soup!

Container Kitchen Systems offers temporary kitchens in the case of UFO strikes

GUILDFORD, APRIL 1ST 2009: The recent suspected UFO strike on some wind turbines in Lincolnshire has flagged up the possiblilty of UFO damage on British properties. What would happen if a UFO wiped out the kitchen area of a busy hotel, country club, conference centre or restaurant? The clean-up operation could be immense and lengthy. Research scientists and the media would have a field day and the world would descend on the area.

Whatever the establishment, it will become an overnight sensation. It will be an ideal opportunity to promote and expand the business except for one problem – the kitchen will be out of commission. But the boffins at Container Kitchen Systems have come up with the solution – a temporary kitchen module.

CKS is a specialist in temporary kitchen modules and can have one delivered and into commission within 24 hours in cases of emergency. CKS can advise about the siting and, for UFO strikes in particular, make sure it is safely away from any exclusion zone Government Agencies impose on the area.

"We're used to people contacting us to increase kitchen capabilities for periods of intense business," says Mark Kingston of CKS. "And we're used to getting a kitchen up and running quickly, so we wouldn't anticipate any difficulties in the case of a UFO strike. We could advise the customer where best to site the kitchen modules and exactly what they will need to cope with the demand."

The CKS kitchen modules come in three basic sizes. The smallest measures 3.8 x 2.8m, has sufficient space for two chefs, providing up to 200 meals per session and is fitted with all the latest kitchen equipment including a gas six burner oven range, salamander gas grill and double-basket gas fryer.

"Also if the media interest in the UFO event outstrips expectation and the kitchen capacity is pushed, we can get another module on site and linked up straightaway. We can supply kitchens to cater for 60 to 6,000 people," says Mark.

CKS also supplies specialist units such as production kitchens, prep kitchens, warewashing units and cold storage modules which can be linked together if a larger facility is required. The cold storage module would be useful if any alien life forms need to be preserved, although the local Environmental Health Officer might expect to be informed!

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