Site Visits

However large or small the required temporary catering provision may be, ensuring that it meets both the needs of the user and the contingencies of the site is of importance to all concerned.

Providing longer term temporary catering facilities during the major refurbishment of high volume catering establishments, such as hospitals, hotels or public institutions, can demand an even greater degree of planning and co-ordination.

The first stage is a site visit. After talking to one of our Project Managers, they would organise to meet with you on site to discuss the requirements and to assess the special needs for the catering facility.

The site visit allows us to advise you on any special requirements you may have, such as site preparation, power needs, water and drainage requirements and potential problems with access. See our FAQ section on the left for further information.

After the site-visit is completed we will be in a much better position to assess management requirements for the next step in the planning process.

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