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Mobile Kitchens

Temporary mobile kitchens, ideal for any commercial event

MKL offers a complete range of temporary catering facilities, from all-in-one ready-fitted mobile commercial kitchens that can be delivered and working in just a few hours, through to specialist units such as storage rooms, refrigerated and freezer coldrooms, self-service facilities, temporary dining areas and washroom facilities.

What's more, we can tailor your temporary mobile kitchen to your specific requirements – we'll fit it with the equipment your staff are used to, in the configuration you prefer. We can supply a unit to feed 30 or a complex to feed 3,000 – or more.

MKL temporary and mobile kitchens kitchens comply fully with all hygiene, food and health & safety regulations. Standard features include gas safety interlocks, which prevent cooking equipment being used unless the ventilation system is operating, automatic fire suppression and fire-rated construction.

All equipment is designed for commercial catering use and most is manufactured of stainless steel.

Click on the relevant button below to find out more. If you'd like help in choosing exactly the right units or temporary mobile kitchen for your project, MKL can offer expert advice. Simply fill in the contact form, email info@mk-hire.co.uk or call 0845 812 0800.

Standard Safety Features in all our production kitchens include:

  • 'Gas Safety Interlock' - which prevents cooking equipment being used unless the ventilation system is operating.
  • Automatic Fire Suppression
  • Fire-rated Container Construction

All internal equipment is of proprietary manufacture and, as a minimum, to medium duty commercial specification, generally of stainless steel fabrication.

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