Pizza Oven Double Deck Conveyor

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Product Specification (Code: 99)


Not just for cooking pizzas but plated pasta dishes too! Ideal for themed restaurants and high capacity events.


Up to 240 x 9" pizzas per hour


1625(w) x 1118(d) x 1500(h) mm (including legs)


Propane or Natural Gas model:

2 x 22mm (3/4" BSP) gas inlet

2 x 13 amp plug, single phase, 2 kW

Each deck requires its own power supply, hence double requirement


Front mounted digital control option. 1 - 30 minutes baking cycles. Open vented baking compartment allows for high volume, consistent cooking. temperature range from 93C to 315C. Belt with 530mm. Baking zone length 915mm.

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