Mobile Kitchens ltd

Welcome to the perfect solution for care home catering: Portable Kitchens for Care Homes!

Whether you’re dealing with urgent kitchen replacements, planning a special event, or looking to expand, we’ve got you covered.

Our mobile kitchens and catering equipment are here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Discover how we can tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your care and nursing home.

1. It’s a Budget-Friendly Solution:

Choosing to rent our mobile kitchens and our catering equipment is cost-effective by avoiding hefty upfront costs associated with purchasing equipment

2. It Offers Scalability & Adaptability:

Opting for mobile kitchen hire offers flexibility by scaling up or down as needed.

3. Access to New Equipment:

Renting our portable kitchens allows access to new equipment without committing to significant investment in upgrades.

4. Simplified Operations:

We are all about making temporary kitchen solutions made simple! We handle delivery, setup, and maintenance, which frees up staff time so you can focus on providing quality care to residents.

5. We Can Customise for Specific Requirements:

When hiring from us, we allow for customisation to meet the care or nursing homes evolving needs.

6. Most Importantly Your Safety:

Our portable kitchen units adhere to the latest E.H.O Standards.

Mixed Double Kitchen Care Homes

9 Key Considerations To Keep In Mind:

  1. Access: Ensure the site has road access with entrances at least 3 meters wide
  2. Manoeuvrability: Allow space for a six-wheeled lorry to manoeuvre on-site
  3. Overhead Clearance: Ensure overhead cables are at least 8 meters above ground to accommodate Hiab lifting gear
  4. Grey Water Disposal: Connect grey water from sinks to mains drainage using a 40mm plastic pipe
  5. Power Requirements: Single units typically require 63 Amps single-phase; larger complexes need a 3-phase supply
  6. Water Connection: Connect water to any mains pressure source, such as a stand-pipe
  7. Ground Conditions: Ensure the ground is level; use purpose-built trackway to support the vehicle and cabin on soft areas
  8. Unit Linking: Specify coordinated linking of units for a seamless complex
  9. Weatherproof Access: Ensure weatherproof access to an existing building as needed