Mobile Kitchens ltd

Experience seamless event planning with Mobile Kitchen Ltd’s temporary kitchens. Tailored rentals suit gatherings of any size, ensuring your needs are met effortlessly.

Our versatile range of mobile kitchen facilities is tailored for various occasions, including but not limited to festive events, weddings, exhibitions, concerts, town shows, corporate events, or simple just a brief temporary dining experience!

Constructed with materials safe for food, and featuring vital elements like extraction, hot water systems, and effective drainage, these kitchens ensure smooth operation. Our portable kitchen units meet the latest E.H.O Standards.

If you’re considering catering for an event this year, reach out to us, and we’ll gladly provide a competitive quote.

4 Key Components to Take Into Account:

  1. Location: Ensure the kitchen units are placed near your marquee for convenient access
  2. Installation: Our mobile kitchen are easily installed, often using Propane gas cylinders for a powerful energy source
  3. Capacity: A single unit may suffice, capable of preparing over 250 meals per session, meeting the basic requirements for a compact production kitchen
  4. Layout Options: Clients can specify their preferred layout for customisation, combining mobile kitchen units and catering equipment if desired