Mobile Kitchens ltd

Providing food services for a large group of employees from major corporations?

Our commercial kitchens are highly specified and customisable, catering to any scale from 50 breakfasts to 1000-person conferences. Whether for temporary or permanent use, our goal is a smooth and efficient process.

Fabricated from materials certified for food safety and equipped with essential features like extraction, hot water systems, and efficient drainage, these kitchens ensure smooth operation. Compliant with the latest E.H.O Standards, our commerical kitchen units prioritise safety and functionality.

For urgent situations, count on our standby kitchens—they often resume operations within a day. Whether planning ahead or dealing with immediate needs, reach out to us for complete commercial kitchen solutions for hire or sale.

Mobile Kitchens for Contract Catering

At Mobile Kitchens, we ensure an efficient catering operation when you hire or buy our commercial mobile kitchens through:

  • Our diverse options. We offer a range of highly specified and customisable commercial mobile kitchens tailored to your specific needs
  • Adapting to any scale. From small breakfast events to large conferences, ensuring flexibility for your workforce
  • Providing temporary or permanent use, catering to both short-term and long-term requirements
  • Standby kitchens for emergencies. Swiftly restoring operations within a day to minimise disruptions
  • A dedicated Project Manager for seamless communication and coordination throughout the hiring process