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Refurbishment of anyone’s kitchens is a disruptive process. When on the scale of a hospital, the problems are increased massively. There are so many things to consider with temporary facilities: space – where to put them, the cost, health and safety, planning, access, connectivity, continuity and the list goes on. You will be relieved to hear that Mobile Kitchens Ltd (MKL) have all the options covered. We have dedicated project managers who specialise in the provision of temporary catering facilities for hospitals, planned refurbishments and for contingency purposes too. No job is too large or small! We have installed kitchen complexes to the largest General Hospitals right down to smallest nursing homes and have tailored equipment packages to suit. We aim to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. If you think you might be needing a temporary kitchen in the near or even far future, then give us a call and we can come and discuss it with you. It is never too soon to start planning!

Temporary Catering Facilities can be tailored to suit any type of Catering Operation.

Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Diswashing Units, Coldrooms, Plate-Up Areas, Staff Kitchens.

Units can be linked together to form a complex that fits the site and the work flow.

Costs can be reduced by using some of the Equipment from existing Kitchens.

Units Conform to all the latest E.H.O Standards.
No Charge for Initial Site Survey

Advice when choosing Temporary Catering Facilities

The site must be accessible by road with any entrances and gateways no less than 3 metres in width. Space to manoeuvre a six wheeled rigid lorry needs to be considered and overhead cables in the vicinity of the installation should be a minimum of 8 metres above ground to clear Hiab lifting gear. Grey water from sinks will be connected to mains drainage via 40mm plastic pipe. Power requirement for single unit is normally 63 Amps single phase, larger complexes will require a 3 phase supply. Water connection can be made to any source at mains pressure, such as a stand-pipe. Ground should be level and any soft areas made firm by means of purpose-built trackway to support the vehicle and cabin. Linking of units to form a co-ordinated complex and weatherproof access to an existing building can be specified.


  • Royal Berkshire
  • Barnet General
  • Winterbourne
  • Ashworth
  • Sutton
  • Maudsley
  • King’s College