Mobile Kitchens ltd

Indulge in the excellence of our customised portable kitchens, pre-fitted with high-quality commercial catering equipment according to your specified requirements.

These culinary mobile kitchens are delivered to your chosen site via our specialised “Hi-ab Truck,” employing an on-board crane for precise placement on the ground adjacent to the vehicle.

For a standard delivery, it is crucial to ensure unobstructed access for the large truck to reach the designated area where you envision the unit(s) to be positioned.

Our nationwide delivery service ensures that our kitchens can reach you wherever you are.

Additionally, we offer the convenience of optional on-site connection services provided by our skilled engineers, assuming that the required services will be made available by others in close proximity.

What sets our kitchens apart is not only their functionality but also their user-friendly design. Following the commissioning of the equipment, our experienced engineers take pride in providing hands-on guidance to you and your staff, ensuring that you are well-acquainted with the optimal operation of the unit.

At every step, our commitment is to deliver a seamless and tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your culinary needs.