Mobile Kitchens ltd

Planning an event is fun, but sorting out the catering is crucial. At Mobile Kitchen Ltd, we get it. That’s why our mobile kitchens are perfect for any event, big or small. Here’s why:

Crafted Just for You:

Whether it’s a wedding, party, exhibition, or corporate event, our mobile kitchens are designed to fit your needs. We’ve got everything from compact kitchen pods to spacious production kitchens, so you’re covered no matter the size of your event.

Show off Your Brand:

Using a mobile kitchen for catering is also a chance to flaunt your culinary skills and connect with your audience. It’s a great branding opportunity that puts your food in the spotlight.

Save Some Cash:

Renting a mobile kitchen is often cheaper than building or renovating permanent facilities, especially for short-term gigs. You’ll get top-notch catering without breaking the bank.

Safety First:

Our mobile kitchens meet all health and safety standards, so you can rest easy knowing that everything’s above board and your guests are in good hands.

3 Tips for Setting Up Mobile Kitchen Units:

  • Pick a spot near your event space for easy access.
  • Our units are easy to set up, usually running on propane gas for efficiency.
  • They can handle cooking up to 3,000 meals per session, so you’re all set for a busy event.

Ready to make your next event a hit? Get in touch with us today!