Combination Regeneration Oven 24 Rack Gas

Combination Regeneration Oven 24 Rack Gas

The regeneration combination oven enables easy and efficient regeneration of food, saving both time and energy. Ideal for banquets and large scale event catering.

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Combination Ovens, Six Burners, Undercounter Fridges, Undercounter Freezers

Five cooking modes – steam, convection, combination, regeneration, overheated steam.

Temperature range 50°C – 250°C.

Even heat distribution reduces the variations in temperature within the oven, allowing for consistent cooking.

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24 x 1/1 (12 x 2/1) gastronorm containers

1300(w) x 1050(d) x 1940(h) mm

Cold water inlet: 22mm (3/4” BSP)
Water pressure: Minimum 1.5 bar
Waste outlet: 40mm (1 1/2”) off tun dish
Waste outlet height: 185mm
Use of a water filter is recommended

Propane or natural gas model:
30 kW (102,360 BTUs), 22mm (3/4” BSP) gas inlet, 13 amp plug, single phase, 0.3 kW, 1.25 amps