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Rack Dishwasher 150 Basket

Rack Dishwasher 150 Basket

Washes crockery, cutlery and medium sized cooking utensils. Ideal for high volume institutional and banqueting needs.

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High throughput in the minimum amount of time. Supplied with inlet and outlet tabling, seven plate racks, four cup racks and two cutlery baskets. Main wash and fresh water final rinse functions. With pre-wash spray hose and sink. Feeds left to right.

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Two speed with 100 or 150 racks per hour throughput (18 plates per rack), 1800/2700 plates per hour.

Water inlet: 22mm (3/4” BSP) – requires hot feed
Water pressure: 1.5 bar
Waste outlet: 40mm (1 1/2” BSP)
Waste height: Ground level
NB. Connect to softened water source only. Requires extraction via flue either through a ceiling or wall. Additional extraction also recommended to remove excess steam.

1900(w) x 1190(d) x 1750(h) mm (not including tabling)
Inlet table: 1300(w) mm
Outlet table: 1400(w) mm

Electric model: Three phase and neutral (requires 80 amp RCD). 62
amps, 39 kW, 57 amps per phase, via 63 amp commando plug