Mobile Kitchens ltd

Site Survey

We offer a no obligation site survey for every project if required, meaning that we can assess your site and identify any issues that might arise with delivery, positioning and installation of units or equipment. It also gives us a chance to design a facility around your site and requirements.

As well as ensuring that you proposed facility is right for your site, the site survey also provides you with the opportunity to discuss the various options that are available to you from MKL.

Kitchen Design

Our in-house design department can work with you to create a kitchen that exactly matches your requirements.

We can provide CAD drawings illustrating general kitchen arrangements, as well as foundations and service arrangement drawings. In addition, we can also provide 3D internal and external designs and even a mock-up of how your kitchen will look on site if required.

For our temporary kitchens, if you require a branded exterior we can add a bespoke vinyl wrap to the kitchens.


Where you are hiring temporary kitchens or catering equipment, we have a number of specialist facilities to ensure that your project progresses as smoothly as possible. This includes our specialist purpose built catering equipment test and inspection centre. Each item of catering equipment undergoes a rigorous cleaning, maintenance, testing and inspection process before each hire.

Project Management

A project manager is assigned to each modular kitchen installation who will oversee all aspects of the off-site construction, as well as the delivery and installation of the facility. The project manager provides you with a single point of contact at MKL, and is responsible for ensuring that your modular kitchen is built to the correct specification as well as being delivered and installed correctly. This includes the organisation of any other on-site services that might be required, such as the provision of a crane to enable delivery to more difficult sites, or organising any necessary road closures while the kitchen is being installed.

Our project managers will liaise directly with you to discuss any queries and will also prepare risk assessments and method statements in accordance with current guidelines and health and safety legislation. They can also organise any additional services you may require for your temporary catering.

Delivery & Installation

Our kitchens are bespoke portable building units that have been pre-fitted with commercial catering equipment to the quoted specification. They are delivered to site by “Hi-ab Truck” and placed onto the ground, adjacent to the truck, using the vehicle’s on-board crane. For a standard delivery, it is therefore important that there is suitable, clear access for a large truck to be able to reach the area where you wish the unit(s) to be sited.

Our kitchens are delivered nationally and, if preferred, can be connected to services by our own engineers (assumes required services will be provided ‘by others’ to within a close proximity). The kitchens are easy to work with and our engineers, having commissioned the equipment, will be happy to show you or your staff how the unit is best operated.

Technical Support

Our temporary kitchen units and catering equipment are covered by a 24/7 technical support service, which means that if anything should breakdown or go wrong we can have you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Contingency Planning

MKL offers a range of kitchen contingency planning services to help should you be faced with an unexpected emergency, such as the sudden loss of catering facilities at short notice due to factors such as fire, loss of power, flooding or equipment breakdown. Please make contact with us if you would like us to provide you with a personalised kitchen contingency plan.


We love to talk to our customers and would welcome your call with any questions you may have – but if you work ‘out of hours’, or in a different time zone, or simply don’t have the time, here are some 24/7 answers to some of the questions you may want to ask.