Mobile Kitchens ltd

We love to talk to our customers and would welcome your call with any questions you may have – but if you work ‘out of hours’, or in a different time zone, or simply don’t have the time, here are some 24/7 answers to some of the questions you may want to ask.

How much does it cost to hire a kitchen?
The cost of hiring is based on several factors, including: size and internal specification of unit(s); the minimum period the equipment is to be hired for; the delivery location of your site; whether you require our insurance or prefer to provide your own; whether you require us to provide engineers on site to connect the equipment to services, etc.

Can you send me a price list?
Because of the number of variables, we do not have a price list that we can send out. All our pricing is provided on a ‘by quotation basis’ and tailored to your specific requirements. You can generate your own budget quotation by registering and using the automated quoting system on this website, or send us an email with your requirements, or call us on 0345 812 0800.

Are your kitchens on wheels or like trailers?
No, our kitchens are container-based units that are delivered and placed upon the ground.

How are the kitchens / equipment delivered?
Our kitchens are usually delivered by ‘Hi-ab’ Truck. This is a flat-bed lorry that has its own on-board crane for off-loading and positioning the unit on site. For equipment-only hires, we deliver by tail-lift truck.

Do you offer a choice of both gas and electric cooking equipment?
Yes, most of the main cook-line equipment we offer can be provided in a choice of Natural Gas, LP Gas or all-electric (normally 3-phase). However, because our equipment is usually for temporary use, the majority of our hirers tend to opt for LP Gas cooking equipment, because mains gas and/or 3-phase electricity are not always readily available at temporary sites.

What services do I need to provide when I hire a kitchen?
Normally, you will need to organise: a water supply to the kitchen; power to the kitchen; and a point for waste water to be run to, from the kitchen. Most customers opt for the supply of a gas cage and gas cylinders from MKL as part of the contract. All service connection points are situated on the exterior of our units and detailed on the specification sheets we provide. Please let us know if you require a MKL engineer to carry out your service connections on site.

Do you carry out site surveys?
Yes, if a survey is required, it is usually carried out after our initial proposal or budget quotation has been approved in principle. Site surveys are offered ‘free of charge’ in most cases.

Do I need planning permission?
Requirements for planning permission vary from area to area, and we would strongly advise you to check with your local council. Whilst we are only too happy to provide general information in connection with this, we do not deal with actual planning applications on behalf of our clients.

Can I change the kitchen layout?
Mobile Kitchens Ltd offers a wide range of standard layouts to choose from, both for ‘single solutions’ or ‘custom complexes’. One of these standard layouts will normally form the basis of our initial quotation, be it via an automated quote from our website or one prepared by one of our sales team.
Selecting a standard layout is the most cost-effective way of hiring. However, due to the modular design of our units, these standard layouts can normally be adjusted to meet any particular requirements you may have.

Can you provide CAD drawings?
Yes we have our own in-house design facility.

How much notice do I need to give you when I order my kitchen/equipment?
The simple answer is that we appreciate as much notice as possible. At certain peak times of year we can actually run out of certain items, so it is always best to place your order promptly.

Do you sell new kitchens and/or new catering equipment?
Yes we do, and this is another area that is being automated on our website to allow you to make your own selection. As this part of the site is currently ‘under construction’, you may not be able to find all that you need yet, so please email us with your requirements or call 0345 812 0800 to speak to one of our sales team.

Do you hire/sell your units/equipment abroad?
Yes, we regularly provide units to overseas clients and have shipped to various locations all over the world.