Elcold EL 71 Commercial Chest Freezer 701 Litres


Elcold EL 71 Commercial Chest Freezer 701 Litres

Explore the durability and reliability of our Large Commercial Chest Freezer – the EL range by Elcold is designed for busy environments, using only the highest quality materials.

Meet the EL71, a substantial and robust Commercial Freezer Chest continuing Denmark’s tradition of efficient and innovative appliance construction.


Explore our exclusive collection and elevate your freezing experience with the option to buy a commercial freezer.

Our premium offering – the Commercial Freezer Chest, crafted for excellence.

Key Features:

  1. 13amp Plug Power Supply: Enjoy hassle-free setup with the convenient 13amp plug power supply, providing ease of use.
  2. Galvanised Steel Cabinet: Built to last, our commercial freezer chest features a robust galvanised steel cabinet, ensuring durability in diverse environments.
  3. Handle with Lock Security: Rest easy with the integrated lock security on the handle, keeping your valuable contents safe and secure.
  4. Counter-Balanced Lid: Experience effortless access with the counter-balanced lid, adding a touch of convenience to your storage.
  5. High Temperature Warning Light: Stay informed and in control with the high temperature warning light, providing an extra layer of protection for your stored items.
  6. Fast Freeze Switch: Quick and efficient freezing at your fingertips with the fast freeze switch, ideal for preserving the freshness of your goods.
  7. Static Cooling: Benefit from reliable static cooling, ensuring consistent and uniform temperatures within the commercial freezer.
  8. Perfect for Outbuildings: Our commercial freezer is designed to thrive in various environments, making it perfect for outbuildings and additional storage spaces.
  9. Manufactured in Denmark: Trust in quality craftsmanship – our commercial freezer chest is proudly manufactured in Denmark, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

Elevate your freezing capabilities with our exceptional Large Commercial Chest Freezer.

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Weight 89 kg


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