Medium Dishwash Unit 6.1m

Medium Dishwash Unit 6.1m

Explore the 6.1m Mobile Dishwash Unit in our Temporary Warewashing Hire.

High throughput for catering, designed for long-term projects, events, and hospitality. Features Pass-thru Dishwasher, Pre-rinse Bowl, Spray Arm, Potwash sink, additional tabling, and 4 Tier Racking for efficient cleansing and storage.

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Medium Dishwash Unit 6.1m – Standard Spec Sheet


Standard Layout

  • Inlet Table c/w Pre-rinse Bowl & Spray Arm
  • Hood Dishwasher (code: 20)
  • Outlet Table
  • 3 x 1800 Stainless Steel Tabling c/w Undershelf (code: 1)
  • 1 x 1800 Double Bowl Sink c/w Integral Wash Hand Basin (code: 4)
  • Wall-mounted Water Heater
  • Wall-mounted Soap Dispenser
  • Wall-mounted Disposable Towel Dispenser
  • Fly Killer
  • Food safe wipe-clean walls and ceiling surfaces
  • Non-slip safety flooring in heat-welded vinyl finish
  • Hygienic Vapour proof Fluorescent lighting

Technical Specifications

  • Internal Height: 2.3m
  • External Length: 6.2m
  • External Width: 2.85m
  • External Height: 2.85m
  • External Height on lorry: 4.5m
  • Weight : 4 tonnes (approx)

Services Connections

  1. Water: 1 x 15mm and 1 x 22mm Cold Water Inlets for connection to Mains supply @ 1.5 bar minimum pressure.
  2. Electrics: 1 x 63 amp 230 volt 1Ø (single phase) high level connection via commando socket and 1 x 63 amp 3Ø (three phase) high level connection via commando socket.
  3. Waste: 2 x 40mm (1½”) Plastic Waste outlet connection.

Additional information

Weight 4000 kg
Dimensions 620 × 285 × 285 cm