Small Dishwash Unit 3.8m

Small Dishwash Unit 3.8m

The SD 28/38 is a high capacity facility capable of cleaning up to 45 baskets an hour. Though designed specifically for the event and hospitality market, this unit is equally suitable for many other catering operations. The inlet table is equipped with a spray arm and bowl to ensure pre-wash rinsing produces satisfactory results whilst the outlet table is appropriately sized for drying and unloading. With 4 Tier Racking, the cabin can also store many washed items ready for re-use.

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Small Dishwash Unit 3.8m – Standard Spec Sheet


Standard Layout

  • Inlet Table c/w Pre-rinse Bowl & Spray Arm
  • Hood Dishwasher (code: 20)
  • Outlet Table
  • 2 x 4 Tier Storage Racking (code: 2)
  • Fly Killer
  • Food safe wipe-clean walls and ceiling surfaces
  • Non-slip safety flooring in heat-welded vinyl finish
  • Hygienic Vapour proof Fluorescent lighting

Technical Specifications

  • Internal Height: 2.3m
  • External Length: 3.8m
  • External Width: 2.85m
  • External Height: 2.85m
  • External Height on lorry: 4.5m
  • Weight : 3 tonnes (approx)

Services Connections

  1. Water 15mm Cold Water Inlet for connection to Mains supply @ 1.5 bar minimum pressure.
  2. Electrics 63 amp 230 volt 1Ø (single phase) high level connection via commando socket.
  3. Waste: 40mm (1½”) Plastic Waste outlet connection.

Additional information

Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions 380 × 285 × 285 cm